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What is Bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are services, handing out free micro amount of Bitcoins (Satoshi) after a certain period of time. As a rule, distributed by the amount so small that transfer commission between the wallets bigger than the amount received. Therefore, to transfer to your wallet you need to accumulate a certain amount of satoshi. To transfer Bitcoins to your wallet is most often used micropayments services.

What is micropayments services?

Micropayments services accumulates a sufficient amount of Bitcoins to transfer them on your wallet. They are the intermediary between the faucet and your wallet. Micropayment services convenient to use if you collect Satoshi on several faucets, because it is difficult to accumulate a large amount from one faucet. Bitcoins from all faucets cooperating with the micropayment service will be transferred to a single account. The most famous - FaucetBox, ePay, Xapo.

How to collect Satoshi?

To get your Satoshi you must first create Bitcoin Wallet (for example on Blockchain), create an account on the micropayments service (in our faucet it is ePay), then on any faucet working with ePay you only need to specify your Bitcoin address, pass simple anti-bot check, enter the captcha (iin our faucet it is reCaptcha), and click "Claim your prize NOW !!" And that is all, now your Satoshi are transferred on your account! Check your on ePay account. Depending on the probability, you can earn from 50 to 312500 Satoshi every hour (60 minutes). Try your luck! Claim your 312500 Satoshi NOW!

Why Bitcoin?

There is on peformered many transfers between the faucets and Bitcoin wallets, bank transfers require many formalities, Bitcoins transfers by pressing a one button, this is unnecessary any documents and sms confirmations, transfer commission the same for the whole world, transfer procedure is not complicated by the laws of the countries in which faucet's holders are.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized payment system and cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by an unknown programmer (or a group of programmers), calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto. Noteworthy is the fact that all the transactions made between two users without any storage or other intermediary. Translation completely anonymous and its participants can not learn anything except the Bitcoin adress. For the translation is charged a fixed fee independent of the amount transferred. This amount goes Miners who performerd calculates that nessesery for the translation and production of new Bitcoin. The computational complexity is constantly increasing, and with it increasing the security of the system. New Bitcoin are created by miners, and are distributed among all the miners, a finite amount of Bitcoins is limited, so every day Bitcoins are made slightly smaller while their production complete stops. All information of the transactions and mined Bitcoins is encrypted, forms a chain of blocks, all the information is publicly available. Anyone can become the Bitcoin system user, regardless of age, nationality or status. All you need to create a wallet is a computer (smartphone, tablet) and the internet. Receive and send Bitcoins can be immediately after the creation of a wallet. One person can make any number of wallets. These Bitcoins can be exchanged for any other currency or cryptocurrency in any online exchanger. Also you can exchange your Bitcoins for goods and services on the Internet if the seller accepts it.

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